Day 29 The HF Oscillator

Finally, a relatively straight forward couple of hours without any difficulty! You would hope a guy that has been a radio amatuer for 51 years might be able to build a triode oscillator without anything going wrong. But I’ve learned to take nothing for granted. All in, it took two hours to install the components,Continue reading “Day 29 The HF Oscillator”

Days 27 and 28 Mixered Up

The JMD mixer promised to be a king-sized PITA. First, I decided to use a 6JH8, affordably available, rather than the esoteric 7360 mixer. Swan did this swap in the 60’s to save some money, and the tube should be functionally identical. This meant wiring the 7360 socket with different pin assignments required for aContinue reading “Days 27 and 28 Mixered Up”

Day 26 IFfy Amp

Having an oscillating BFO provided motivation for building the IF amp. Looking at the schematic, I thought this would be a two hour tour and I’d be ready to move on. But not quite. The JMD uses some IF coils that in the good old days were made from Miller coils installed in off theContinue reading “Day 26 IFfy Amp”

Day 24 – BFO ho ho

Well, 24 days into building a radio and I’m finally starting on something that works at radio frequency. It’s been about three weeks of lockdown and four weeks of isolation and I have to say, the project remains a great distraction from the news. True to the “build a stage and test it” philosophy, I’veContinue reading “Day 24 – BFO ho ho”


The last couple of days have been spent trying to wire and test the JMD power supplies. It has not been without some unexpected difficulty. Yesterday my goals were to wire the on/off switch and transformer leads to appropriate tie points, test the voltages, and wire the filament string to light up the tubes. EverythingContinue reading “DAY 18 POWER PLAY”


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