Day 44 – A Qualified IF Success

Everything takes time, and this IF channel rebuild is no exception. I thought building things in a separate chassis would make the job easier, but of course, it’s a tighter space to work in. And I spent, all in, about eight hours on this detour. But victory, and a small defeat, are mine. The oldContinue reading “Day 44 – A Qualified IF Success”

Day 38 – This is why they call it a Rabbit Hole…..

Well it’s been a week. I’ll keep the status report brief as the frustration has been pretty intense. The diode situation As mentioned last time, I feared that my recent (non-vintage) 1N34’s might be lowering the detector sensitivity. After finding the 1N67A’s at a CB shop, I did the swap, and there was a noticeableContinue reading “Day 38 – This is why they call it a Rabbit Hole…..”

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