They tell me I should introduce myself. I’m KA9P, have been a ham for 51 years, never took an electronics course of any kind, and am a total hack.

And no that’s not my pic. As soon as I find a good one of George Clooney, I will update the image.

Believe me when I tell you anyone can build stuff – it just takes a plan, some enthusiasm, and the support of as many people as you can find.

If you try to build it – they will come.

Find a reflector that fits your need. Qrptech is a great example.

Several Facebook groups are focused on building and operating vintage equipment, and are monitored by lots of really great people just waiting to help you.

You can even ask me, there’s a chance I can help, and more of a chance I know a place to look for good help. 🙂

So go for it.


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