Day 29 The HF Oscillator

Finally, a relatively straight forward couple of hours without any difficulty!

You would hope a guy that has been a radio amatuer for 51 years might be able to build a triode oscillator without anything going wrong. But I’ve learned to take nothing for granted.

All in, it took two hours to install the components, fire the radio up, and check the oscillator output with the old Rigol scope.

I found 640 kHz of bandspread in the right frequency range for 80 meters, and the oscillator output was about 2 volts peak to peak. I had hoped for that level of output as that’s a known good number for a 7360/6JH8 mixer.

Just to prove no human endeavor is without difficulty, I decided to cut the extension shafts for the VFO drive and the preselector drive.

The first effort failed miserably. I pulled a piece of what I thought was 0.25 inch OD brass shaft from the junkbox, marked and cut it with a Dremel tool cutting wheel. When I returned from the garage, I learned that the brass tube was about 0.30 inch OD and would not go into the VFO drive or either coupler.

Take 2 required that I mic a piece of stainless steel shaft that was the next most likely junkbox candidate. This was 0.25 inch OD, and cut nicely. The shaft extensions are all in place, after two hours of messing about, the vfo and preselector turn nicely, and as you can see from the below pic, the radio at least LOOKS like it’s coming along.

But heck, it’s been a month!

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